Trustee Services

In instances where the Mid Atlantic Trust Company is serving as the trustee, Green Oak Consulting Group can provide a standard package of trust services, including:
•    Full trustee responsibility
•    Custody, ability to work in co-trustee relationship
•    Investment management through third-party managers
•    New account set-up
•    Donor welcome letters, including tax deduction calculations
•    Annual notifications to irrevocable charitable remaindermen
•    Annual valuations and donor notification for non-CRAT CRTs
•    Donor distributions
•    Net income tracking and reporting for NIMCRUTS and NICRUTS
•    FLIP monitoring/specialized investing for interval between trigger and flip
•    5227 annual tax returns
•    Timely K-1s, generally by March 15 at the latest
•    Appropriate annual state returns
•    Quarterly performance reporting to institutional clients
•    Annual valuations to institutional clients
•    Actuarial services as requested at an additional charge